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A luxurious handmade sterling silver pendant. Set with a green amethyst (Prasiolite) or natural red garnet.

Prasiolite is a yellow-green to green variety of quartz. Most Prasiolite is produced by heating natural amethyst in an oven to about 500 degrees Celsius. This heating changes the amethyst's color from purple to green or yellowish-green. Prasiolite is often called "green amethyst".

The name Prasiolite is a result of merging two Greek words, prason and lithos. The former means leek green due to the color that resembles the color of the plant of the same name. The latter word means stones. Green amethyst is linked to the element of earth, the energies of inner vision, power, and self-love. The stone vibrates chiefly with the heart chakra and it is highly spiritual. It brings in high vibrational divine energy and helps in connecting the bearer with the higher self.

Garnet gemstones are regarded as the stone of passionate devotion; toward family, friends, the self and purpose in life. Believed to stimulate the senses and increase vitality and stamina. Garnet is thought to attract good luck

. Handmade in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
. Made with Sterling Silver .925
. Handcarved with a swirl motif
. Set with genuine light green amethyst or a natural deep red garnet
. Enhanced with 18 karats yellow gold drops and tiny cubic zirconium on each side of the main stone.
. Perfect fit for any woman
. Boho, easy-going style for everyday wear
. Measure 27.3mm long and 15.3 mm wide in the largest stone section
. Include a sterling silver chain of 18 or 20 inches.

An 18" necklace is a common choice for women that will fall just below the throat at the collarbone. This length is popular for adding pendants that will hang over a crew neck.

A 20" necklace will fall a few inches below the collarbone and allow a little more breathing room. Perfect for a low, plunging neckline or if you want to wear it over a turtleneck.

All our jewelry comes in a beautiful gift box and with a mini polishing cloth.
We also include with your purchase a small token of appreciation and a 10% discount coupon on your next purchase.

The Precious

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