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It all started in Bali...

My affair with jewelry started back in my early twenties when I had the opportunity to travel the world. I was profoundly inspired by the abundance of color and handmade art throughout Asia. After many trips and many friendships, I discovered the Island of Bali. I fell in love with the profound originality and creativity of its people. It wasn’t a surprise for anyone when I decided to stay. 


Generations of Balinese families have handed down their traditional techniques and ancient styles of carving. With the most skillful, inspired and patient artisans, I was slowly initiated to an intricate native metalwork technique unique to the Island of Bali.


Inspired by the traditional Balinese art Ozay’s jewelry is uniquely hand-crafted and individually sculpted. Each design embodies the heart and soul of the ancient culture of Bali and expresses the veneration and respect for the primitive beauty of nature. Ozay designs are infused with a passion that can be felt.

Currently handmade in Chemainus, Ozay's designs continue to be inspired by the places and people I had the opportunity to visit, known and love and by the amazing beauty of the Island.

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Jewelry is like a biography.
A story that tells the many chapters of our life.

Gem Hunt

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