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Finely hand-carved sterling silver ring set with a deep blue Iolite.


The name Iolite is also known as ‘Ios’, which means violet – a nod to the soft and rich purple shading of the mystical stone that originates from the Ancient Greek Word. Iolite is a vision stone. The compass stone of Iolite brings violet vision and soul exploration into the journey of dreams and intuition. One glance at Iolite makes you feel as if the sky has swallowed you whole and you are on your shamanistic excursion. It shares its colors with stormy winter skies and seemingly ever-changing shades of violet-blue or dark blue depending on the angle and light.

Iolite is known as the Viking’s Compass. According to legends, it is said that the Iolite stone was used by the ancient Viking navigators as filter to locate the sun on a cloudy day as it helped them steer their wooden ships across the ocean as they searched for new lands. Iolite serves its purpose as a compass, hence it is called a stone of vision. However, Iolite is not only recognized for directing the way but also related to the deep journey one might take into one's soul when exploring new ways of thinking.


All our jewelry comes in a beautiful gift box and with a mini polishing cloth. 


NOTE:  If you are not sure of your ring size, please visit a jewelry store and ask to have your finger measured.   Avoid using the ring charts available on the web as these are often inaccurate.

Please check our refund policy before completing your purchase.

The Blue Queen

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